Hi Forward Steps reader,
My friends over at non-profit Life of Learning Foundation have released an extraordinary program I felt certain you’d want to know about...
It’s called Stop Being Afraid Once and For All -- a phenomenal 1-hour audio program that shows you the one unthinkable action that gives you total authority over fear.
I encourage you to invest a few minutes of your time to read the following testimonial letter from Tim Weichman, a good friend of mine and fellow lifelong seeker of authentic wisdom. He explains exactly what kind of insights, benefits, and new understanding you will experience when you put this program into practice...
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Fear is Afraid You Will Learn
This Secret

Dear Friend,
What you’re about to read is a true account.
It happened in the spring of 2002, two years after I had moved to southern Oregon to study at Guy Finley's Life of Learning Foundation.
I had been asked to speak before a large group of people who were visiting for our annual Talks in the Pines retreat. At one point in my life -- as a successful and respected design engineer for a global computer corporation -- speaking before large groups had been a breeze. But since that time, something in me had done a complete "about face." And what used to be a source of pleasure had now become a silent terror.

Public Speaking Nightmare

I entered the week dreading what I was sure would be the end of me! When the day finally arrived, the fear I had been harboring all that time began to create the exact experience I had worried over. For two hours I awaited my appointed time, knees trembling, stomach clenched, pulse racing.
Then... disaster!
Moments before I was scheduled to speak, the audio system malfunctioned. You would think that'd be good news for me. The problem was that I was the person in charge of it. So on top of the firestorm already raging within me, I now had to fix my own guillotine!

Certain Death

It all happened so fast. I fumbled through the connections, fixed the problem, then shuffled my notes together and hurried toward the stage. At that point, my heart was thumping against my ribcage so hard, I could feel residual tremors all the way up in my temples.
But that's when it happened...
In the 20 paces leading up to the microphone, I suddenly remembered a principle I had learned from Guy Finley's talks, and something within me was finally willing to act on it.
What happened next astounds me even to this day:
The fear instantly dissolved. It was gone. Vanished.
Amazing isn't the word for what happened in that moment; this new understanding literally severed fear's grip on me. I stood and looked out at those 174 people, spoke calmly and cheerfully, and drank in every last drop of that astonishing moment.

"How Does Fear Just Disappear?"

To be honest, I was dazed by the whole experience. No one attending the event even knew what had transpired. Yet it was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life, because it proved to me what Guy Finley had been teaching us all along: There really is a way for a human being to be 100% free of fear.
That experience taught me a valuable lesson: You cannot fight the dragon of fear in the usual way. An altogether different approach is required... one that is truly unthinkable. But one that any sincere individual can take who finally understands how to put it into practice.
Today I want to help you discover that same understanding for yourself. So that no matter which fear knocks at your door, whether it's the fear of...

  • Growing old
  • Public speaking
  • Heartache and loneliness
  • Losing someone you love
  • Losing a lifestyle you can no longer afford
  • A looming health crisis
  • A daring career change
  • Speaking up for yourself; or
  • Losing the approval of friends and family

... you will finally know how to meet it in a way that turns it into something permanently valuable for you.

The Many Gifts of a Fearless Life

Think for a moment about all the opportunities fear has stolen from you. How many life experiences did you pass up, avoid, or just say "No" to, all on account of fear? How many times did fear push its way into your relationships and wreck something beautiful? How many times has fear stepped in and whispered, "you can’t," "you’re too old," "it's impossible"?
Now, what if there were a way to put fear behind you, to just drop it once and for all? Just think how many new and promising possibilities you’d pick up at the same time! Life would throw open her arms for you! What couldn’t you say? What couldn’t you do? What couldn’t you accomplish?

  • Nothing could stop you from walking up, smiling, and introducing yourself to that person who captivates you.
  • Nothing could keep you from pursuing the dreams and aspirations that call to you.
  • You could stand in front of a group of any size, and speak with relaxed ease and confidence.
  • You would command every room you walk into because you’d enter it without fear of being judged.
  • Growing older would now promise the continual growth of wisdom and character.
  • You could finally stop trying to control your relationships, allowing them to flower naturally without effort.
  • Nothing could force you to compromise what you know is true and good.
  • You could live wisely within your means, and enjoy your life at the same time.
  • You would have no problem saying "I love you" or "I'm sorry" when the moment calls on you to do so.
  • Those projects you’ve been postponing would finally get the attention they deserve.

I firmly believe one of the greatest discoveries an individual could make in his or her lifetime is to learn how to be free of fear, because as we've just seen, so many of the things that truly matter in life are determined by it.
But how?
The first step is to clear away some common mistakes...

Avoid These False Solutions

If you want to be free of fear, you first need to realize what doesn't work (read carefully, this is vital to understand):

  1. Fighting with Fear doesn't work because it is fear that pushes you into the battle. That means, in the end, fear calls all the shots, even when it feels like you’ve overpowered it (notice how the fear always returns).
  2. Making a Deal with Fear is like making a deal with the proverbial "devil." So that's out.
  3. Affirmations and Positive Thinking merely float on the surface. They're powerless to reach down into the depths where fear is generated.
  4. Hopes and Dreams seem like good choices at first, until you realize that if you look to them to rescue you from a fear, they're really just empty promises fear projects to keep itself in place.
  5. And Running from Fear... simply is not an option for people who know their time here on earth is to be spent developing something noble in their character.

This leads us to one of the most important lessons about fear you will ever learn:
Anything you do towards a fear -- any action you take to battle or overpower it, any thinking you turn to as a way to dispel it, anything at all that you do to find freedom from that fear -- does one thing and one thing only: It strengthens the fear.
With that one idea you now know more about fear than over 99.9% of the world's population. Pretty exciting. But that's just the beginning.

The Key to Overcoming Fear

Recently, Amazon.com #1 best-selling author Guy Finley gave one of the most incredible seminars he has ever presented on fear. He titled it simply: Stop Being Afraid Once and For All. This 1-hour program holds within it the key to understanding everything I've explained, including the unthinkable new action that gives you ultimate authority over fear.
Best of all, it's now available as an MP3 download for just $3.49, on CD for $3.99, or on DVD for a mere $5.49. And as always, you have the assurance of our unconditional 30-day return policy. I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of this program. If you’re caught in a fearful situation, or if there's a fear that keeps recurring in your life, don’t hesitate: Use the buttons below to get a copy and immerse yourself in this empowering wisdom. you’ll be glad you did.

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$3.49 $3.99 $5.49
Retail value: $9.98 Retail value: $12.98 Retail value: $17.94
Click here to buy the MP3 Download version Click here to buy the Audio CD version Click here to buy the DVD Video version

In This New Program you’ll Discover...

  1. The unthinkable new action that gives you total authority over fear, once and for all.
  2. Why depression, anxiety, worry, and fear can overcome us anytime they want.
  3. The mistake we make when faced with a fear that instantly gives it authority over us.
  4. Why any form of resistance to fear actually strengthens it.
  5. What it is that fear itself fears, and how you can use that knowledge to take back command in the moment.
  6. The keys you need to transform higher self-knowledge into real action.
  7. The stunning relationship between fear and the solutions that appear in our minds to answer it.
  8. Why the American Dream is now a living nightmare and how to be one of the few who escape it.
  9. The shocking discovery that fear is now breeding the human mind to serve its ends, and how you can stop the process.
  10. Why you don’t need self-esteem or any similar quality once you discover the power and protection of living purely in the present moment.
  11. The tragic mistake you make when you compare yourself to another human being, good or bad.
  12. The great misconception that keeps most people from finding authentic fearlessness.
  13. What to do with your attention the instant a fearful reaction appears if you wish to be free of it.
  14. The new state of mind that transforms problems instantly, before they take hold.
  15. How a higher order of awareness can dispel any fear without your needing to take any action at all toward it.

Try This Approach

I suggest listening to this program once a week, or, if you’re slightly more daring, once a day for a month. Do just this much and watch how things begin to change.
For a while you’ll see yourself going on in the same old way, compromising, cleverly shying away from things you’re afraid of. But if you’ll stay true to your wish to be a fearless man or woman, something miraculous will begin to unfold. As you see the great gulf between the fearless individual you want to be, and the way you keep living your life, the indomitable spirit within you that IS ALREADY FREE will revolt!
It won’t revolt against society or corporations or external authorities, but rather against the interior system of false ideas that has kept you imprisoned by fear all these years.

Free 1-Hour Bonus Program Included:
Breaking Through the Fear Barrier

Earlier this year Guy gave a separate 1-hour talk on fear, equally as powerful, entitled, Breaking Through the Fear Barrier. In this most unique program -- that includes a dynamic dialogue between two students as they act out the end of an epic spiritual story -- Guy reveals the one action we must take to realize the truly fearless life. Plus, he answers one of the most frequently asked questions we receive, "How do I do it?" We're including this 1-hour audio program in downloadable MP3 format with every order at no extra charge. That way you can receive it and get started immediately!
Here's what you’ll discover:

  1. The one and only way to win lasting freedom from fear.
  2. How to meet ANY dark moment without it sending you into panic mode.
  3. The principal action that determines what kind of person you will be in the future.
  4. Why seeing your life through your thoughts about it is one of the worst things you can do.
  5. How to cancel all feelings of inadequacy.
  6. A secret instruction for following through on what your heart yearns to do.
  7. How to commit without reservation and give yourself completely to what's important to you.
  8. How to be free of interior voices always telling you what might go wrong, or what you can’t do.
  9. The one thing to never do in the face of fear if you want authority over it.
  10. Why avoiding what you fear guarantees you will have to meet it again.
  11. How fear secretly derives its life from your own, and what you can do to withdraw your consent.
  12. What it is that produces the feeling of hopelessness, and how to cancel it permanently.
  13. How To Do It: The technique that puts you in command of fear once and for all.

Fear Doesn't Want You to Know
Its Weakness

Before I go, I want you to know one last thing: Fear... is terrified you will understand these ideas. Because if you do, it will spell the end of its decades-long reign of terror over your life.
The truth is, most people aren't willing to do what's necessary to have a fearless life. And frankly, this message isn't for them. It's for you. It's for the part of you that is already free, the part of you that knows you’re not intended to be held captive under the authority of ANY fear, the part of you that already suspects within you lives a power that can pry open the shackles of fear, and throw them off once and for all.
But above all, it's for the part of you that knows, intuitively, that to become a truly fearless man or woman is among the highest expressions possible for a human being's life.
Be one of the few. Use the buttons below or call 541-476-1200 to place your order and find out how you can live completely free of fear.

Click here to buy the MP3 Download version Click here to buy the Audio CD version Click here to buy the DVD Video version
$3.49 $3.99 $5.49
Retail value: $9.98 Retail value: $12.98 Retail value: $17.94
Click here to buy the MP3 Download version Click here to buy the Audio CD version Click here to buy the DVD Video version

Sincerely -- Tim Weichman
Tim Weichman
Life of Learning Foundation
P.S. Remember, Stop Being Afraid Once and For All and Breaking Through the Fear Barrier show you definitively how to face ANY fear in the right way, so that its power over you is shattered. With the assurance of our 30-day return policy, you have plenty of time to try out both programs without any risk whatsoever. If they're not everything I promised, just let me know and I'll see to it that you receive an immediate refund.

What People are Saying

"Please give my regards to Guy and please thank him. His work has given me my life back and has enabled me a peace and happiness and joy that I have never been able to see before." —Charlotte V.
"Not only did my stress disappear I started feeling WONDERFUL. So far on my journey, this is the most valuable lesson. I feel as though a door has opened that I've been pounding on for years, perhaps lifetimes. Just in one day the difference is already amazing. I've committed myself to remain awake at all times and people smile at me everywhere I go, speak and say hello. They can SEE, sense and FEEL what's going on inside me. What a gift this is." —Lauren R., Asheville, NC
"The freedom I am experiencing is beyond anything I could have imagined. Thank you." —Keith R., Needles, CA


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